Smile Surgery

Aesthetics: It is the science that studies the beauty and nature of fine arts. Aesthetic view, on the other hand, is defined as the reactions of man to the outside world with his words of 'beautiful' and 'ugly'.

We know that beauty and appeal are permanent and vary from person to person, from society to society, and even from time to time. However, the only factor that does not change is the golden rate.

Teeth are the most important and complementary element of facial aesthetics. When the golden ratio is achieved in the teeth, after the necessary interventions with other factors, the aesthetic smile design is completed.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who wouldn't want to laugh with your confidence ?!

    If you try not to show your teeth while laughing or close your mouth with your hand

    If you are afraid to smile while taking a picture

    If there is anything in your smile that does not make you happy

    When you laugh, your upper lip goes up so that your gums are very visible.

    If you want to have whiter teeth

    If you have irregularities or distortions in your teeth

    If there is a gap between your teeth

    If there are old fillings or fractures on your front teeth that are covered with a lot of colors and an unpleasant appearance, you can also benefit from the solutions offered by aesthetic dentistry.

    • With the diastema closure, the gaps between the patient's teeth are closed (without teeth cut).
    • Problems in the gums, bleeding gums, gum growth and withdrawal and level irregularities are eliminated.
    • The harmony between lips, teeth and cheeks is achieved. Tooth-face harmony is provided according to gender.
    • Broken or perplexed teeth are restored according to the case with laminate veneer, ceramic veneer, zirconium veneer or aesthetic composite restorations.
    • Teeth whitening (bleaching) is applied to the teeth that have turned yellow.
    • By making implants or bridge prostheses in place of missing teeth, both health and aesthetic gain are achieved.
    • Botox and dermal filling procedures can be applied in people with a gum smile.

    It takes an average of 2 weeks.