Smile Surgery

Aesthetics: It is the science that studies the beauty and nature of fine arts. Aesthetic view, on the other hand, is defined as the reactions of man to the outside world with his words of 'beautiful' and 'ugly'.

We know that beauty and appeal are permanent and vary from person to person, from society to society, and even from time to time. However, the only factor that does not change is the golden rate.

Teeth are the most important and complementary element of facial aesthetics. When the golden ratio is achieved in the teeth, after the necessary interventions with other factors, the aesthetic smile design is completed.

What is Smile Design?

With the increase in the power of social media, the perception of beauty has taken a holistic form. The increase in those who want to have natural, flawless and warm smiles has increased the popularity of smile surgery day by day.

What is Smile Surgery?

Providing the golden ratio in the teeth brings with it a confident smile. It is aimed to create a natural appearance in the mouth of the patients who want to have aesthetic teeth, taking into account the teeth, gums and face shape features. smile design is called. Characteristic features such as the age and wishes of the patients are also important factors in smile design. Therefore smile design custom made. The determining factors for the appropriate design for the patient are as follows;

  • Patient's face shape
  • Gender and age
  • Mouth and jaw structure
  • lip end line
  • Tooth alignment and gingival characteristics
  • color of teeth
  • axis of teeth
  • Gingival levels and alignment
  • lower lip arch
  • Personality characteristics
  • Smile symmetry
  • skin color

How to Smile Design?

First of all, after the patient's mouth is examined and photographed, corrections are made in the computer environment, taking into account the patient's expectation. After the application, the photograph corrected to be close to the patient's image is presented to the patient and information about the application is given by the physician. After the patient approves the smile design in the sketch, the following procedures are performed according to the patient's request and the problems in the mouth structure;

  • Caries and root canal treatments
  • Elimination of problems in the alignment of the teeth
  • Lengthening of short anterior teeth
  • Providing an aesthetic appearance with porcelain, laminated, zirconium coating
  • Dental jewelery (Applications such as crystal, diamond, gold setting/plating)

Types of Aesthetic Smile Design

A person's face shape, lines and appearance are the factors that create perception on other people. Likewise, the image of our teeth creates a clue to other people. When people who are not satisfied with the appearance of their mouth and teeth turn to plastic surgery aesthetic smile design denotes the closest one among the varieties. The types of aesthetic smile design are as follows, according to their profession, characteristic features and how they want to be perceived;

  • attractive smile
  • intellectual smile
  • persuasive smile
  • sporty smile
  • authoritarian smile

In an attractive smile, the front teeth are longer than the other teeth. Those who want to add charm to their image prefer this style. We usually see this design on screen faces, TV series actors and models.

In an intellectual smile, the design of the teeth is equal to each other, providing a mature and wise image. It is the type of smile that has an important place in terms of being preferred.

In the teeth whitening process of a persuasive smile, the tooth tone is more light and bright. The teeth have an oval appearance. It is the type of smile that is popular by professional groups such as lawyers and marketers.

In a sporty smile, the central incisors are longer than the lateral incisors. This adds sincerity and sincerity to a person's smile, helping to create a warm perception in people.

In the authoritarian smile, the incisors are straight, while the canines are more pointed. It is a smile design that will create a perception that adds strength to the seriousness of the person.


How Long is the Smile Design Period?

Smile design treatment time It varies according to the patient's oral problems, there is no standard duration. For example, if the space between the teeth is to be filled or teeth whitening is to be done, one session will be sufficient. However, if the tooth is missing, a few months are needed for implant treatment. The gradual nature of the treatment, the procurement process of the material to be used individually, etc. one of the factors affecting the process.

What are the benefits of smile design?

One of the issues that many patients wonder about is benefits of smile design. The smile design not only provides an aesthetic appearance, but also ensures that the patient has a healthy tooth structure by eliminating chewing disorders. It creates a sense of aesthetic satisfaction in the patient and supports a more confident smile.

What is the Permanence of Smile Design?

Since the procedures such as root canal treatment, prosthesis, implant, filling applied to the teeth are permanent, smile design is also a permanent application. The life of veneers and prostheses is longer than others. In order for the aesthetic application to last for a long time, the duty of the doctor is to work meticulously during the application.

The duty of the patient is not to neglect dental care and to stay away from things that will harm the tooth. Brushing regularly, flossing, and having a dental checkup every six months permanence of smile design definitely extends. Considering that even one's own tooth cannot be permanent for a lifetime, it can be said that the smile design does not have a lifetime guarantee.

2022 Smile Design Prices

The most curious thing about smile design is smile design prices is happening. Smile design prices 2020 Since the beginning of the year, it has come to the fore with the increasing interest in smile surgery. Smile design includes many aesthetic applications that will increase the self-confidence of the person with the restoration of oral and dental health. Thus, the cost of smile design varies according to the type of treatments required. However, a net price can be determined after the doctor's examination and the procedures he deems necessary.

Taksim Smile Design

Patients who do not like their mouth and teeth structure for better smiles. Taksim Smile Design apply to our clinic. We aim to give our patients the self-confident smile they dream of and want to gain. After the oral and dental examination of the patient, our specialist physician creates a sketch covering the before and after of the imagined smile.

The smile design planned by the specialist physicians in our clinic is applied meticulously, taking into account the oral and dental problems of the patient. We can apply lamination to our patients who do not have any problems in their teeth and only want to have symmetrical teeth. We are as principled as doing our job in the best way to ensure the satisfaction of our patients after the procedure.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who wouldn't want to laugh with your confidence ?!

    If you try not to show your teeth while laughing or close your mouth with your hand

    If you are afraid to smile while taking a picture

    If there is anything in your smile that does not make you happy

    When you laugh, your upper lip goes up so that your gums are very visible.

    If you want to have whiter teeth

    If you have irregularities or distortions in your teeth

    If there is a gap between your teeth

    If there are old fillings or fractures on your front teeth that are covered with a lot of colors and an unpleasant appearance, you can also benefit from the solutions offered by aesthetic dentistry.

    • With the diastema closure, the gaps between the patient's teeth are closed (without teeth cut).
    • Problems in the gums, bleeding gums, gum growth and withdrawal and level irregularities are eliminated.
    • The harmony between lips, teeth and cheeks is achieved. Tooth-face harmony is provided according to gender.
    • Broken or perplexed teeth are restored according to the case with laminate veneer, ceramic veneer, zirconium veneer or aesthetic composite restorations.
    • Teeth whitening (bleaching) is applied to the teeth that have turned yellow.
    • By making implants or bridge prostheses in place of missing teeth, both health and aesthetic gain are achieved.
    • Botox and dermal filling procedures can be applied in people with a gum smile.

    It takes an average of 2 weeks.