Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is an aesthetic solution recommended to people who are not satisfied with the color of their teeth. It is an oxygenation method used to whiten teeth that have changed colors for various reasons or to lighten the individual tooth color by several shades. Teeth whitening method provides a reliable and economical treatment option without abrasive our teeth and it is possible to compensate for color loss thanks to this treatment.

Teeth Whitening Application

teeth whitening application, While it allows people to have a bright appearance, it is also a form of treatment applied to have an aesthetic appearance. Teeth whitening is a one-session process, provided that the right techniques and the right products are used on people with healthy teeth and gums under normal conditions. However, depending on the tooth structure of the person, this situation may be prolonged and more than one session may occur.

This process will depend on the amount of discoloration and the tooth color value as a result of the examination made by the doctor. Usually nowadays teeth whitening treatments It is preferred to remove the yellowing on the teeth and the traces of the substances that cause it. In general, the use of smoking, tea and coffee is very effective on yellowing of the teeth. However, as a result of the treatment method applied, people will need to reduce this food consumption in order to preserve the whiteness of the teeth.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening methods Before applying it, the reason for this situation should be examined. If we open the discoloration situation in general, the color particles settle on the teeth and get stuck as a result of the foods we consume frequently. Thus, yellowing occurs in the teeth and begins to lose their original whiteness. If teeth are not cleaned after food consumption, this situation will repeat and progress. This situation actually affects the professional life of people as much as their social life. In this period we are in teeth whitening There is a great demand for this method.

People who want to have whiter teeth should definitely perform oral and dental care on a daily basis. As a result of the cleaning situation, except for genetic reasons, yellowing of the teeth will be prevented. However, cleaning alone is not enough. At the same time, regular dental check-ups should take place. It is stated by doctors that a dental check-up should be done every 6 months. With regular checkups and oral care teeth whitening treatment may not even be applied. The color that occurs after cleaning is actually the color of our teeth. However, for those who want to achieve a whiter appearance, the teeth whitening method is applied.

Why Do Teeth Turn Yellow?

Teeth come into contact with many foods and beverages in our daily life. Even if we are not aware of it, these foods contain colorants and color changes occur as a result of touching the teeth. The main causes of conditions such as yellowing of the teeth are as follows;

  • Insufficient oral and dental care
  • Wear on the tooth
  • Consuming foods containing colorants,
  • hereditary coloration problems,
  • It is possible to talk about reasons such as the occurrence of caries on the tooth.

Is Teeth Whitening Harmful?

One of the most frequently asked questions by many patients. Is teeth whitening harmful? there is a question. If this is answered, no, it is not harmful. During dental treatment and aesthetic applications performed by a professional doctor, the aim is to maintain dental health and apply the procedure.

In line with this issue, no harm will occur with the right examination by the dentist and the right equipment, along with the teeth whitening treatment. It can be expressed as the cases where the teeth whitening methods are done unconsciously in order to be harmful or the application is realized with information from the ear. In addition to all these, the teeth whitening gel Unconscious use of materials such as


 Teeth Whitening Session

Happening natural teeth whitening Many questions about the session are asked by patients. First of all, in the sessions that occur, details such as the structure of the tooth and the depth of coloration are important. The teeth whitening equipment used by the doctor in this area greatly affects the duration and the number of sessions. Before the teeth whitening process is applied by many specialist dentists, tartar cleaning takes place. If there is any problem on the gum, it is treated. Then appropriate teeth whitening tool transaction takes place. Devital whitening procedures are considered as a 2-session process. However, office whitening procedures occur in a single session.

It is not recommended by doctors to do it more than once a year as a result of teeth whitening procedures. It will have a long-lasting structure if oral care is provided and coloring foods are avoided. Regional advertisements and problems that occur in people can easily be eliminated with routine cleaning. Occurring teeth whitening prices It differs according to the patient's condition. Generally, the session takes an average of 45 minutes. However, session procedures may differ depending on the equipment used and other details.

Who Can Have Teeth Whitening?

Before applying the teeth whitening treatment, necessary checks should be made by the doctor. If there is no problem as a result of the examination, teeth whitening treatment is applied. During treatment laser teeth whitening There are many methods such as The most appropriate method is chosen by the doctor. Depending on the applied tooth structure, the desired whiteness may not be achieved.

To apply teeth whitening treatment;

  • Having healthy teeth and gums,
  • Not using coloring food,
  • be 18 years or older,
  • Absence of pregnancy or breastfeeding,
  • Tooth whitening is applied as a result of situations such as lack of wear on the tooth.


Taksim Teeth Whitening Treatment

Taksim teeth whitening treatment We adopt a professional service approach for people who want to have a white and beautiful smile. Although our teeth are normally white, very few people manage to have bright white teeth. The coloration problem that occurs in line with certain conditions in our daily lives and affects many people psychologically.

Although oral and dental health care is performed after the discoloration, whitening does not occur. held within the body of our Taksim dental hospital. teeth whitening process, It is among the most preferred aesthetic dental treatment methods. There is no downside to this treatment method, which we carry out with expertise. It all happens quickly and easily. Thus, patients get the healthy appearance they want with bright, white teeth in a short time.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    It can be applied to anyone except a few exceptional cases. In order to start the procedures, it is necessary to check the teeth first and if the teeth to be whitened have any caries or cracks in the enamel, these teeth should be treated.

    Teeth whitening is healthy and safe when done under the control and supervision of a dentist. Teeth and gums are not damaged.

    No pain is felt when the cracks in the tooth enamel and the caries formed on the tooth are removed in line with the examination to be carried out before the bleaching process begins.

    Although there are no reported cases, it is not known how the bleaching products used have an effect on the fetus. Since it should not be used as a general principle during pregnancy, it would be more correct to leave the teeth whitening process after birth.

    Firstly, the coloration and tooth stones on the tooth surfaces are cleaned. Tooth surfaces are polished. The starting photo is taken and the tone of the tooth is determined with the color scale. A protective gel is applied to the gums to prevent the whitening gel from touching and the patient is wearing protective glasses. The whitening agent is applied to the tooth surfaces and activated for 20-30 minutes. This process can be repeated for 2 or 3 sessions until the desired whiteness is achieved.

    At the first appointment, the dentist takes measurements from the patient's teeth and prepares a transparent plate that will pass over the teeth with this measure. This plaque, used by the person who is bleached at home, allows the patient to apply the whitening agent to the teeth and protect the gums. Place the bleach gel in the amount recommended by the doctor on the part of the plate that will be on the front of the teeth and place the plate in the mouth. The desired color is achieved after a week or two. With the bleaching method made at home, dark color may not be eliminated especially in duct treated teeth. Or results may not be obtained for the spots that we call tetracycline stains. Because the bleaching gel concentration is lower in terms of not damaging your teeth or gums.