Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry sometimes takes place with a single operation, sometimes with a multiple treatment plan.

Each person is different in appearance and character, so the restoration of the front teeth should be designed specifically in accordance with the individual's special wishes, characteristics and way of speaking.

Although smile is the biggest factor in design, it would be wrong to talk about dental treatments only.

Gums, lips, chin and even nose are very effective factors in smile design, and gum aesthetics (pink aesthetics) shaping on the lips and chin is necessary when necessary.

Aesthetic Dentistry Treatment

dental aesthetics There are many reasons why people do it today. Some of these are reasons such as feeling more self-confident in public, feeling better in appearance-oriented environments and when dealing with people in this environment. Today, especially famous artists and phenomena apply to aesthetic dentistry services with aesthetic concerns such as looking more beautiful.

Aesthetic dentistry is the field of dentistry that allows the individual to have an aesthetically impressive tooth and jaw structure while being healthy. In this treatment method, apart from different techniques, technology is frequently used. Although many people resort to these methods with social concerns, these are special patterns that vary from person to person. After evaluating the mouth, jaw and facial structure of the person who wants to have aesthetic teeth, a natural and ideal image is designed on the computer. In this way, this project is presented to the patient and a successful treatment process is provided.

Methods Used in Aesthetic Dentistry

According to people's needs aesthetic teeth treatment is required. Since each person's mouth and face structure and shape are different, a treatment may not affect another patient or the desired result may not be obtained. For these reasons, special treatment and modeling are essential for each patient.

There are many types in aesthetic dentistry, from small operations to large operations. Some methods, which are generally used, are frequently applied and demanded in our country and in the world.

Adhesive (Bonding) Treatment:

Bonding is one of the most used dental aesthetics today. Bonding systems are the processes that need to be done by calculating the basic features such as the color, shape and size of the tooth. It is achieved by bonding the material obtained with a mixture of special substances for the tooth to the tooth.

The advantages of the bonding process are:

  • Gaps between teeth are filled and a more aesthetic appearance is given.
  • Broken teeth are filled and made to look the same as before.
  • Worn teeth can be reshaped.
  • Change in tooth color is provided.

These applications are applications that provide success in practice and are in high demand.

Composite Fill:

Composite fillings aesthetic dental filling They fall into the category of aesthetic dental fillings that replace the gray fillings used in dentistry in the past. Composite dental fillings provide a natural appearance. It can be used for 5 to 10 years if needed and provided with regular maintenance. Composite dental filling application takes between 30 minutes and 10 hours on average.

Porcelain veneer is an aesthetic dentistry application that gives positive results in the absence of one or more teeth or when the teeth are unhealthy in many ways. Porcelain dental veneers can be made with several different techniques. After the preliminary examination and measurements are completed, it is performed for a period of 3 or 4 sessions. This session may take longer depending on the situation. Some types of coatings are:

  • Metal backing veneer: Metal supported porcelain veneers are created by using metal-containing materials to prevent the fragility of the porcelain material and to create a durable infrastructure. With the development of technology, alternative applications that look aesthetically elegant to metal-containing materials are often preferred.
  • Zirkorium porcelain: It is one of the most popular dental treatment methods in recent years. The fact that it is white in color and has a durable and natural appearance on a porcelain base has made it one of the treatment models.
  • Zirconium porcelain: It is used in tooth coating processes without metal support.
  • Laminated porcelain: It is a process applied by gluing thin porcelain tissues and abrading the teeth without the need for any cutting process. It is also known as leaf porcelain. It is an expensive but frequently preferred application in dentistry, especially for anterior teeth.

Most Demanded Methods in Aesthetic Dentistry

gum aestheticsMany aesthetic procedures such as dental bridges and implants are applied by aesthetic dentists to maintain the shape of the mouth and improve the biting action. Dental implants are made to replace missing teeth in the mouth. The gap formed in the mouth as a result of tooth loss, the gap created by the falling or extracted tooth, can bend over time with the displacement of other teeth, and this causes serious discomfort to the person. For this reason, implants are fixed to the gums with screws placed on the gums. One of the most demanded procedures after dental veneers is dental implants.

Taksim Aesthetic Dentistry Prices

Dental aesthetics prices are one of the most curious questions of clients who want to apply to aesthetic dentists with aesthetic concerns. Taksim aesthetic dentistry Prices vary according to the experience of the physician, the procedure to be performed, the hospital and the region.

Although the prices of dental aesthetics are generally reasonable and acceptable, the amount to be paid increases in direct proportion to this situation, since jaw aesthetics are more difficult procedures than dental aesthetics.

The type and type of coating made in coating processes is the only factor in the change in these prices. For this reason, it will be healthier to contact the hospital or doctor you have agreed with to find out an exact price, in terms of getting a clear price. In implant procedures, prices vary depending on the type and number of implants.

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    They are prostheses made by getting support from the teeth and also the gums and bones left in the lost teeth area. Usually they are done if the number and location of the teeth in the mouth does not allow to make fixed dentures. In cases where teeth are partially lost, prostheses attached to existing teeth by means of hooks or sensitive holders are called removable partial dentures. In cases where teeth are completely lost, full (total) prostheses are made, which sit on the gum and bone in the toothless areas.

    Implant applications are carried out in order to increase the retention of removable dentures in completely edentulous mouths. With the implants in the jaw placed in the slots inside the movable full denture, chewing and speech functions can be made much more effective with the prosthesis, which has increased stability and retention. Implant prostheses applied according to the patient's mouth structure and problem can be applied in a way that they can be removed by the patient or they can be applied only by the doctor. Patients who have to use a removable prosthesis with implant prostheses can be converted into fixed prosthesis. Implants can also be used to reduce the movement of full dentures in the mouth and increase their retention.

    While designing the smile, it is evaluated whether the area created by the gums (pink aesthetics) and the area formed by the teeth (white aesthetics) are in harmony with each other. Pink and white aesthetics should complement each other and be in harmony. In order to design a perfect aesthetic smile, personalized smile and tooth structure are analyzed.

    If the gum is not healthy, the teeth are aesthetically incompatible, no matter how white and their arrangement is beautiful. First of all, if gingival bleeding and gingival swelling, gingivitis is eliminated with professional dentist cleaning. Pink and white aesthetic harmony is provided. The appearance of gums more than 2 mm in the upper jaw during smile is called 'gummy smile'. This is a situation that disrupts the aesthetics of the smile. Gummy smile is often caused by the effect of the hypermobile upper lip muscle (levator labi superioris) due to the upper lip rising higher than normal during laughing. The gum smile can be treated by applying this hypermobile muscle botox injection. In people with enlarged gums, gum lengths can be shortened by laser treatment and gums can be made less visible in smiling.

    If the root surfaces are opened as a result of withdrawal of the gums due to bone resorption, tissue can be transferred to the area where the withdrawal is taken from the palate. Thus, gum levels seen in ups and downs are corrected and health and aesthetic gain are provided.

    If there is a calculus under the gum, purple is reflected on the surface. The gums appear bruised. After the cleaning of the calculus, the gums appear healthy light pink color.

    Aesthetic smile design; It is a treatment method used to correct the person's teeth and existing deformities. The gold ratio base is taken into consideration when planning the alignment between the tooth dimensions. According to this principle, each tooth has a size and visibility that should be relative to other teeth.

    In the smile design, which we call “Hollywood smile”, 4 golden rules are taken into consideration. According to this; upper incisors should be ahead, longer and more prominent, tooth alignment should be done in a way that no dark gap is formed during smile, the lip muscle on one side during speech and smile should not pull more and upper gums should appear maximum 2 mm.

    Porcelain laminae are aesthetic restorations that we do not only need to cover the teeth completely, but only in front of them in the form of leaves. It is the method where the intact tooth tissue is lost the least. Porcelain tooth lamina is adhered to this thinned area. In highly colored teeth that do not result in bleaching, if there are color differences or structural deformity between the teeth, joining the split teeth (diastema closure), restoration of broken or worn teeth, correction of old fillings with distorted color and structure (orthodontic treatment alternative) ) and it is an ideal form of restoration that can be applied to any individual who is dissatisfied with the appearance of their front teeth.

    In particular, it is the protection of a tooth with a loss of substance by covering it with a material in the form of a tooth. When aesthetic reasons are desired to change the color and form of the teeth, if there is little tooth texture left behind due to canal treatment or when the old porcelain coatings need to be replaced, zirconium crowns are applied. Porcelain crowns, which are also known as 'veneers' among the people, can now be made entirely from porcelain, with their reinforced infrastructure, with the strengthened infrastructure of dental technology and adhesive materials.

    Bonding method, which can be applied to almost all age groups, is a method that can be used to close the gaps between the teeth, repair your caries and broken teeth, get rid of your permanent coloration problems, make the tooth lengths to the desired level and create a shape change in the teeth. The composite dental material in the appearance of enamel and dentin layers of the tooth is applied to the cavities on the tooth or the prepared surfaces with the help of binding agents and after the form of the tooth is given, it is hardened with a laser beam device. In this method, the duration of the session can vary between 15 minutes and 1 hour depending on the dental structure and condition of the person.