Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is the type of treatment that is applied when the dental nerves are damaged or die that cannot heal with filling or any operation. The ducts consist of nerves in the tooth structure. Canal treatment is the process of cleaning these channels and filling the cavities with channel filling material.

A healthy dental nerve is sterile, meaning it does not contain bacteria. However, as a result of the tooth decay remaining untreated for years, the bacteria in the decay damage the sterile structure of the nerve tissue called pulp. Success in root canal treatment is around , but it should not be forgotten that every tooth treated with root canal treatment is an implant candidate, and maximum sensitivity should be shown during treatment.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    With local anesthesia to be applied during the treatment, no pain is felt during the treatment and a slight pain or tingling may be felt temporarily.

    Generally, canal treatments can be treated in one session, but they can also vary depending on the condition of the tooth. This timing is determined during the first inspection.

    • Due to advanced gum diseases
    • For nerves that are damaged too much to heal due to bruises,
    • Due to incorrect fillings,
    • It is performed due to improper treatments.